About us

If there is something that defines us as EPC Loans, it has to do with the fact that we ascribe to the highest form of professional conduct while ensuring that we meet all the needs of our customers. If you have been struggling to avail credit simply because you have a poor credit rating and have been thinking of availing a logbook loan, then you’ve come to the right place. Since inception, we have been steadfast in assisting thousands of UK residents with a poor credit rating get approved for a logbook loan.

We understand that a poor credit rating is a major hindrance especially when seeking for credit and that is why here at EPC Loans, we approve your logbook loan application without taking your credit rating into consideration. Our logbook loan products are not only affordable but also approved within the shortest time possible. In an attempt to offer top notch services, we have enlisted the services of highly trained customer personnel conversant with total quality management skills, customer satisfaction not to mention continuous improvement.

Application for our logbook loan products is simple, fast and seamless. At EPC Loans, our objective is not only to approve as many applications as possible but also ensure that we enlighten our customers on the benefits as well as risks of applying for a logbook loan. We have a strong work ethic, ascribe to set professional ethical conduct and best business practices. Given the number of years that we have been in practice and offering affordable logbook loans, we can assure you that in us all your logbook loan interests are covered. Simply try us today and we promise that we will approve your application within the shortest time possible!