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Energy efficiency in the home and for business has become increasingly important over the past decade. As more funding opportunities become available; advances in technology are made and utility prices increase it has been difficult to keep ahead of the situation. Those who have implemented systems or made efficiency improvements to buildings have certainly benefited from the changes.

UK-EPC have been analysing commercial and public buildings for efficiency since 2007. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to make informed and accurate recommendations. Our reports are easy to understand and our experience allows us to present results in several different formats. Our surveyor will design a building energy management system based on the building type and location as well as how the building is used. Many buildings will already have a BEMS in place, and a useful first step on taking a proactive approach to building energy management through controls is to evluate the existing system to decide if it meets your present and future needs for the operation of your building or buldings.

As part of the initial Energy Performance of Buildings Directive pilot scheme for social housing and having produced several thousand energy reports for private domestic properties UK-EPC have developed a network of industry professionals that are passionate about property and energy efficiency. We aim to add value and save valuable resources for people, communities and organisations. 



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